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Mobile and Responsive Websites

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Internet Marketing Visual Marketing Specialist offer the latest in web design and internet marketing in Columbus, Ohio. No need to sift through dozens of website designers and web design companies to find what you're looking for,We are here to help. Visual Marketing can build new sites from the ground up or perform maintenance and add features to your existing site. We offer quality, professional website designs that will impress your customers. Mobile and Responsive Websites With the many kinds of devices out there now used to view websites, it's important that people can get to information on your website and view it correctly no matter which device they use. You want people using mobile devices like smart phone and tablets to be able to easily see what's on your website and interact with it properly. You will want a Responsive Websites. Mobile Use is on the Rise Soon, there will be more mobile devices accessing the Internet than traditional desktop computers and laptops. People have their tablets in the living room and pick it up and use it while they're watching TV or movies. We're seeing more tablets and iPads showing up in the workplace and in conference rooms, too. Since viewing websites on phones is getting easier, more people are accessing websites using their smart phones when they are on the go.  

Marketing your Website on the Internet

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In addition to our website design services we offer online marketing video services, as well as onsite and offsite blogging and content strategy. Once we have fully optimized your website, we will create additional online marketing opportunities for your company.

Internet Marketing Campaign | SEO

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Visual Marketing Specialists is your one stop shop for integrated online internet marketing solutions. Every “SEO” campaign includes Local Search (if applicable), SEO, Paid (optional), and Social Marketing.

Using Internet Marketing to Promote your Business

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No company or no one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEO companies that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a "special relationship" with Google, or advertise a "priority submit" to Google.

How to Use Sliders in your Website Design

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First of all what is a Slider? A slider is the rotating image that you see mostly on the homepage of many website designs. While it is most common on the home page it can be setup on other pages and offer many styles and sizes. Why Have a Slider in your Website Design? We use sliders allot within our designs for the visual impact. It allows us to have multiple photographs and messages displayed on a webs homepage with out getting to cluttered. The real key with sliders is keeping it simple to load and view. Its meant to grab the attention of a viewer fast and get the message across. I find if you have a little more copy and information you want read its better to not show it in a websites slider. Also keep in mind not all browsers will display the images, and you will have to test several. Overall keep your slider use simple and not to clunky. Simple transitions and images that work into your website design are always better. Its a great place to show off that custom website photography by us too.  

Brownie Points and HSN feature our website photography!

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Congratulations to Brownie Points on being featured on HSN yesterday. Marketing a company is not always about SEO and website design. There are still other avenues to get traffic to your product and website. Brownie Points shows this by using HSN to not only sell a product online but drive traffic online to their website and social media outlets. It was also also great to see HSN utilize our website photography online to help feature Brownie Points Valentine's Day Gift.