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Photography and Videography

Dirk Stevens and Curtis Wallis come from  over combined 50 years experience as professional advertising photographers and videographers. What we offer is these professional service with every website design we create. We are not programmers that now take pictures. We are working professionals  that that will bring a higher quality look to your website marketing efforts.

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Custom Web Design

At Visual Marketing Specialists we are dedicated to creating online experiences that attract visitors and convert them into paying customers or users of your service or product. As  premier custom website designer, we pride ourselves in bringing your company’s professional image to its full potential while maintaining quality aesthetics.

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Internet Marketing Services

Our internet marketing services allow you to promote your products and services online at a lower cost than most traditional advertising mediums. Grow your business by acquiring more qualified leads from potential customers who are looking for your products and services.

Custom Website Design + Internet Marketing = Professional Results

Website Design in Columbus Ohio

Lets face it you can find a website design company anywhere in Columbus, but can you get a website that works? At Visual Markets Specialists we can build you a website from the ground up or even work with an existing website design.

Our specialty is making your website stand out from your competition. What we do is use our experience of photography, videography and design to take your website to a whole new level.  Combined Dirk Stevens and Curt Wallis have over 50 years experience in the photography and videography fields.

Having professional images has proven to increase awareness of your brand and make your internet marketing more successful. 

kayorcee Website DesignDo you Need to Get More Customers to your Website?

As a full service SEO and digital advertising agency in Columbus, Ohio we can do it all under one roof, especially when it comes to your  advertising campaign, online digital media campaign, media buying, video production, website design, and search engine marketing. Visual Marketing Specialist has the creative production facilities and talented staff to create all of your marketing and advertising collectively in house.

Powerful marketing that is accountable and measures performance to achieve results.  At VMS we pride ourselves on delivering accountability to the marketing and advertising campaigns we develop, to ensure you see revenue growth. The bottom line of our successful marketing strategies is a creatively crafted message that zeros in on the target audience to increase sales while building a brand.  Our media analysts are constantly monitoring the media mix to optimize performance using cutting edge marketing statistics that measure accountability and the return on every dollar spent.

   Want to See Results? Checkout our Website Design Portfolio.



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SEO, Keywords and Internet Marketing

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We find the keywords for your business being searched for by potential customers, and design a plan for targeting those keywords on your website.

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Mobile and Responsive Websites

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Marketing your Website on the Internet

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In addition to our website design services we offer online marketing video services, as well as onsite and offsite blogging and content strategy. Once we have fully optimized your website, we will create additional online marketing opportunities for your company.

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