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At Visual Marketing Specialists we are dedicated to creating online experiences that attract visitors and convert them into paying customers or users of your service or product. As a premier Columbus custom web designer, we pride ourselves in bringing your company’s professional image to its full potential while maintaining quality aesthetics. Through our strategic approach we conduct research to understand your audience and provide solutions with attentive, state of the art design and development work. With critical planning we commit to growing your revenue, boosting your brand awareness, enhancing your customer relations, and elevating your brand loyalty all while lowering your overall marketing costs. Most importantly, we deliver bottom-line results by implementing strategies that work for you.

What We Offer with Our Custom Web Design Packages





Hosting | Marketing


  • Server applications
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Search engine optimization
  • Local Search engine optimization
  • Google, Bing, & Yahoo submissions
  • Google & Google+ account


Project management


  • Strategy
  • Content outline
  • Creative Design
  • Production
  • Photography
  • Animation / Video


What Makes Us Different from Other Custom Website Design Companies?

One word… Visual Marketing. Dirk Stevens and Curt Wallis combine to over 60 years visual marketing experience. What is visual marketing? Its taking years of professional photography and videography with advertising agencies and combining that with digital marketing. What you get is a custom website with more of a visual impact and brings customers in to stay.


How We Create a Custom Website that Works.

We have one direction here at Visual Marketing Specialist, make a website that works! A website design has to catch a customer fast and hold their attention, but it can not stop there. We believe every website has to be search engine optimized, social links created and basically linked up with major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Dirk and Curt will sit down with every client and map out the overall look and feel of every website project, and yes that includes professional photography, forget the stock photos everyone else has. Then we use various internet marketing ideas to create a game plan for your business to succeed online. We have various design packages that include monthly marketing, monitoring and content adjustments to keep your website being seen by your customers. After all if your customers can’t find you they can’t buy your service or product right?




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