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Often referred to as “SEO Columbus, OH” or “website optimization,” search engine optimization is the process of analyzing and editing various components of your website’s design and code, as well as completing various tasks external to your website, to increase the site’s value and relevance for search engines… allowing your site to reach higher positions in search engine results for its most important keywords and key phrases.

Website Optimization

There are a lot of great agencies and freelancers here in Columbus, OH that can build beautiful looking WordPress websites. Most of them also claim to offer SEO as part of the package. But the truth is, there is a serious deficit in terms of knowledgeable SEO consultants here in the Midwest.

Trust us…we fix websites with bad SEO all the time, even for clients that hired the biggest agencies in town. SEO is all about the details, and it’s usually a lot easier to start from scratch than to attempt to fix a poorly designed site.


When new clients ask us to help with their SEO, the first thing we want to know is whether or not their site was built using WordPress. The reason is simple…WordPress websites rank better than non-WordPress websites.

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