Mobile and Responsive Websites

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Internet Marketing Visual Marketing Specialist offer the latest in web design and internet marketing in Columbus, Ohio. No need to sift through dozens of website designers and web design companies to find what you're looking for,We are here to help. Visual Marketing can build new sites from the ground up or perform maintenance and add features to your existing site. We offer quality, professional website designs that will impress your customers. Mobile and Responsive Websites With the many kinds of devices out there now used to view websites, it's important that people can get to information on your website and view it correctly no matter which device they use. You want people using mobile devices like smart phone and tablets to be able to easily see what's on your website and interact with it properly. You will want a Responsive Websites. Mobile Use is on the Rise Soon, there will be more mobile devices accessing the Internet than traditional desktop computers and laptops. People have their tablets in the living room and pick it up and use it while they're watching TV or movies. We're seeing more tablets and iPads showing up in the workplace and in conference rooms, too. Since viewing websites on phones is getting easier, more people are accessing websites using their smart phones when they are on the go.  

Website Design in Columbus Ohio

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Good design is the cornerstone of a successful website.Whether you are a large or small company doesn't matter to us. What does matter is that you take your business as seriously as we take ours. We do more than design pretty pictures. We generate measurable results.

Website Design

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Web Design If you are looking for an experienced custom web design and interactive marketing agency, DS Production at Website Design-Columbus has been perfecting techniques in website design and internet marketing in Columbus since 1999. Development DS Productio offers top ranking web design and development, internet marketing, search engine marketing services, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, e-commerce programming and design, database integration, software development, and hosting. Approved By: WebSiteDesign-Columbus SEO Media Integration Video Photography Internet Marketing

Five Top SEO Tips for Small Business Bloggers

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1. Page title SEO In SEO terms, your page header or page title is extremely important. A page heading indicates the subject of the content of the page, and as such Google expects it to be on topic and accurate. More than that, Google looks for SEO keywords and keyphrases in the page header. You have to make sure to provide the primary SEO keyphrase at least once in the heading. The primary SEO keyphrase is the phrase for which you want the content to rank most highly, and it works in conjunction with the SEO keyphrases in the URL and lead paragraph of the content. Bonus SEO tip: Use the SEO keyphrases towards the start of page headings – especially if the heading is long. 2. Lead paragraph SEO I don’t beat around the bush. I open my articles with a sentence that reiterates the page heading and explains what the reader will get from the content. This is great for SEO for two reasons: it creates a meaningful content teaser for humans viewing search results it allows you to use the primary SEO keyphrase again in a natural way By making your opening paragraph as meaningful as possible, and as closely related to the page header as possible, you encourage Google to return that portion of the page in the search results. Bonus SEO tip: I use the lead paragraph in the META description tag of my HTML too. 3. Image SEO Images are integral to content. Meaningful or unusual images that attract attention also serve to associate your content in the reader’s mind. Think of an image as an internal reference that helps readers remember a piece of content. Image SEO is [...]