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There is a reason our company is called Visual Marketing Specialist. While web design is the focus of our end result, we specialize in marketing our websites with a visual impact. Our experience started as commercial photographers and videographers. So it is no wonder why imagery is such a huge focus in our website designs.

Here are some behind the scenes images from our recent photo and video shoot with Amanda and ABS Pilates. Checkout her new site and some of the great things she has to offer.


Website Videos

Website design Columbus Ohio

ABS Video shoot

Website Photographer

Website Videographer


Here are a few of the final picks being used on ABS Pilates now.

Web Design Photos

Website Photographer Columbus Ohio

Web designer Graphic Design Columbus Ohio

And for fun we needed a body for the shot and if you look way in the back you can see Dirk pretending he knows what to do. Good thing Amanda was there to help.


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