What is important in a website design.

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Many clients and website designers struggle with what is important when working on a new website design. Unfortunately everyone is going to have a different opinion too. What I like to work on is a total package. I always call this a net approach. We are building a net to catch customers. The goal is not to leave an area with too big a hole then the areas that are working make the holes smaller. What I mean is when building a website you want a website design to look clean and professional. But if you stop there and don’t have the net cover search engine optimization then the site can not do its full job correctly.

What is Needed in a Website Design?

Here are the areas I will always want to build upon. How much I fill in the holes is not only budget but if the site really needs it or not.

  • Professional look with high quality images and graphics. Photography is our specialty so this is a given.
  • A site needs to look busy. Do’t laugh I don’t mean busy like a bad design. I want to see that you are doing business and others are buying your service or product. Items like testimonials, blogs tweets anything that is new and current.
  • Search Engine Marketing. Is the site optimized with keyword titles and other SEO stuff. Some sites don’t need to much SEO but I don’t believe items need to be left blank. Every site needs some work.
  • Social media. Lets face it you have to have this now a days. Even if the website design just has a couple links to Facebook or twitter. Not all companies use social media. But here a thought. Google has a social media site. Do you think google likes to show pages that link to google+? Who ranks higher a non google+ website or a website that has a google+ link built into the website design?

While this is not a set of hard rules for website design it is just a base for what I like to discuss when talking over a website design with any client.


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