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How to Use Sliders in your Website Design

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First of all what is a Slider? A slider is the rotating image that you see mostly on the homepage of many website designs. While it is most common on the home page it can be setup on other pages and offer many styles and sizes. Why Have a Slider in your Website Design? We use sliders allot within our designs for the visual impact. It allows us to have multiple photographs and messages displayed on a webs homepage with out getting to cluttered. The real key with sliders is keeping it simple to load and view. Its meant to grab the attention of a viewer fast and get the message across. I find if you have a little more copy and information you want read its better to not show it in a websites slider. Also keep in mind not all browsers will display the images, and you will have to test several. Overall keep your slider use simple and not to clunky. Simple transitions and images that work into your website design are always better. Its a great place to show off that custom website photography by us too.  

Brownie Points and HSN feature our website photography!

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Congratulations to Brownie Points on being featured on HSN yesterday. Marketing a company is not always about SEO and website design. There are still other avenues to get traffic to your product and website. Brownie Points shows this by using HSN to not only sell a product online but drive traffic online to their website and social media outlets. It was also also great to see HSN utilize our website photography online to help feature Brownie Points Valentine's Day Gift.  

Website Design in Columbus Ohio

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Good design is the cornerstone of a successful website.Whether you are a large or small company doesn't matter to us. What does matter is that you take your business as seriously as we take ours. We do more than design pretty pictures. We generate measurable results.

What is important in a website design.

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Many clients and website designers struggle with what is important when working on a new website design. Unfortunately everyone is going to have a different opinion too. What I like to work on is a total package. I always call this a net approach. We are building a net to catch customers. The goal is not to leave an area with too big a hole then the areas that are working make the holes smaller. What I mean is when building a website you want a website design to look clean and professional. But if you stop there and don't have the net cover search engine optimization then the site can not do its full job correctly. What is Needed in a Website Design? Here are the areas I will always want to build upon. How much I fill in the holes is not only budget but if the site really needs it or not. Professional look with high quality images and graphics. Photography is our specialty so this is a given. A site needs to look busy. Do't laugh I don't mean busy like a bad design. I want to see that you are doing business and others are buying your service or product. Items like testimonials, blogs tweets anything that is new and current. Search Engine Marketing. Is the site optimized with keyword titles and other SEO stuff. Some sites don't need to much SEO but I don't believe items need to be left blank. Every site needs some work. Social media. Lets face it you have to have this now a days. Even if the website design just has a couple links to Facebook or twitter. Not all companies use social media. [...]

Website Design

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At Website Design-Columbus we pride ourselves on being a web design and development company that can create and manage all aspects of your website project and business needs from the ground up.

Optimizing a Webpage

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Every good question usually comes with an annoying answer: Yes and No. On one hand, it is so much harder to drive organic traffic to a website than it is to change a font color or image – and doing those small things can often improve a sites usability and conversion. BUT – on the other hand, we dont have a magic crystal ball that can tell us what changes to make. So while making changes to a site is easier than driving traffic, at least we know what we need to do to drive traffic… We all wrestle with this dilemma daily. Here is my advice and what I do with 1. Relax : ). You can’t really go wrong with either effort, but having a fresh, stress free mind often prevents us from making really bad decisions (like complete re-designs for no reason or thousands of dollars spent in ad words) 2. Pick one page – not the whole site, and run some basic heatmaps on that page. See what people are clicking on, where the fold lies, and what people are paying attention to. Here is an example. We recently launched a page displaying our click maps and upon running a scroll overlay on that page I noticed that only 50% of that pages visitors actually saw the sign up button on that page. Adding an additional call to action, via a button or link in the text will take me 5 minutes to deploy. That is time worth spending. Approved By: WebSiteDesign-Columbus SEO Media Integration Video Photography Internet Marketing

SEO Tips / Ecommerce websites

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Ecommerce websites can inadvertently fall short of SEO best practice because, for example, the site may be accidentally riddled with crawler and duplicate content issues. Such issues are inherently linked to product optimisation, an oft-neglected aspect of SEO which is the focus of my post. It’s surprising how often ecommerce sites neglect this dimension of SEO. People tend to be distracted by the high volume head and middle keyword terms and forget to pay attention to the crucial keywords pertaining to the long tail. Many sites succeed in capturing a fair amount of long tail traffic without paying particular attention to it. Nevertheless, it’s still important to capture as much of long tail traffic as possible because long tail traffic converts better than head term traffic.   Approved By: WebSiteDesign-Columbus SEO    Media Integration     Video     Photography     Internet Marketing